How the Sexual Revolution ruined friendship


Definitely worth a read. Makes you think long and hard about the implications of cultures today.

Yes, definitely worth a read.

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter whether or not you think homosexuality is a sin. Let me say that again. It does not matter if you think homosexuality is a sin, or if you think it is simply another expression of human love. It doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter? Because people are dying. Kids are literally killing themselves because they are so tired of being rejected and dehumanized that they feel their only option left is to end their life. As a Youth Pastor, this makes me physically ill. And as a human, it should make you feel the same way. So, I’m through with the debate. When faced with the choice between being theologically correct…as if this is even possible…and being morally responsible, I’ll go with morally responsible every time.

What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter | Tyler Smither (via lacohan)

As a Christian, I believe that showing love as Christ did should mean that no one faces rejection, hate, nor dehumanization for any reason!

Your faith shouldn’t be shackles.

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I like a girl, yeah I like her.

Just not quite sure how to tell her.

Hmmmm… Katy Perry has some good melodies to describe my thoughts right now.


Rainbow Sharing Friends YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


&#8230; what am I looking at right now?! :/ :P


Rainbow Sharing Friends YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


… what am I looking at right now?! :/ :P

Wow&#8230; I guess I&#8217;ve had this account for three years already.
That was fast! :P

Wow… I guess I’ve had this account for three years already.

That was fast! :P

Mass Incarceration in the US (and other problems)

So I watch Vlogbrothers’ videos and I came upon this one, which was recently posted. Hank Green is talking about US incarceration, however I can assume that the idea presented within the video, mainly the idea that we’re thinking incorrectly about the punishment/corrections issue, is more universally applicable.

Needless to say, Visually et al do a great job to animate the video, and Hank a great job of narrating.

It’s easy to place issues of criminal corrections at the back of our minds, letting the higher-ups handle the whole thing. However, a seemingly more responsible choice would be to, at least occasionally, consider the problems that are so easily forgotten and to make an effort towards finding a solution—maybe not a perfect one, but at least it would be a start.

Revisiting Tumblr

So I haven’t exactly been incredibly present on Tumblr in quite some time. Through speculation, I think I’ve realized that the reason I stopped using Tumblr as frequently as I had been is due to the fact that I don’t know, nor understand, the reasons for having a Tumblr.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’ve come to the realization that Tumblr is a tool used in the art of self-expression. It is a place where one is free to share thoughts and thoughts on thoughts, or ‘meta-thoughts’, or “whatever-you-like”s.

Now, rather than treating Tumblr as a social media website on which my sole purpose is to fish for likes, comments, and the like, I’ll try to treat my Tumblr as more of a public journal.

I’m not sure how long this will last (maybe not even as long as this entry), but… <insert rest of Tumblr post here>